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We are the creators of an international project by TEACH PANDA, launched at the end of August 2016. Our company is targeted at applicants with confident English-speaking skills and good pronunciation who are ready to teach English in China to students aged 3-16 using an interactive ESL approach. A university degree and English-teaching qualification is not a must since you will take up online TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) for free! Our responsibilities include but are not limited to: active search for the appropriate candidates, professional assistance with the recruitment process, 24/7 visa support, full guidance in the course of our cooperation starting from the first interview in Russia until the end of the employment contract. TEACH PANDA provides an amazing deal with a decent salary (up to $2000 per month for standard monthly workload + extra income options) and no financial complications since we invest in your trip and do not charge any commission for our services before or after your arrival at a work place! For the most part, your personal expenses in China will come down to food cost and utilities. The whole recuitment process takes place in Russia (by means of distant interviews) while you are guaranteed to occupy an English-teaching position in a particular school with specified working conditions even before you fly to China as long as your interview with the potential employer is successful. Our program offers 12-15 months' contract with free extension possibility, which doesn't require coming back to Russia to resign the papers!  


TEACH PANDA is a brainchild of an adventurous entrepreneur - Cyrus Haghighi who has decided to give up on his well-paid but stressful job of a criminal lawyer in the city of Edmonton (Canada) for an English-teaching position at the university of Guangzhou (China) while pursuing the career of an educator for nearly 3 years despite the lack of relevant qualification and previous work experience in this field. A proud holder of a BA in Archeology and PhD in Law, Cyrus not only faced the challenge of drastically changing his own life, but also aimed at changing lives of many others for the better. It took him a while to figure out how to realize his ambitions. Learning English and embracing western culture and traditions has definitely become one of the absolute priorities for young generation of China, while the big demand in high-end English teachers could not be fully satisfied by a limited number of enthusiatic natives alone. That's why China has opened its doors to Europeans who provided a better quality of teaching in comparison with the traditional Chinese education system. 

This is how the idea behind the project emerged and has been shaped into a successful startup in Kiev (Ukraine) back in 2016. It's sadly true that the salary rate in post Soviet Union countries is not so high while the level of education here is one of the best in the world. As a result, a lot of our compatriots are looking for better opportinities abroad. However, is it really possible to receive an international level of salary while having a dream job, living a comfortable life, eating your favorite food, saving up at least half of your monthly salary, traveling and developing yourself every day? Let's face it - such possibilities are limited! One and the same salary rate in different countries of the world means different level of actual income depending on the cost of living. Nowadays, China is a unique job provider that attracts more and more employees due to high standard of life with comparatively low cost of living (average prices are 20% higher than in Russia)! And with TEACH PANDA program putting a cherry on top, this chance is a crime to waste!    

Unlike in Eastern Europe, teachers have always been in high esteem in the Chinese society, which gives you room for boosting self-confidence as well. I assume nobody would disagree that it's more fulfilling to work as a teacher of English rather than a construction worker, an employee at the assembly line or even a waiter/waitress.

Why Ukraine? It's one of the post Soviet Union countries with good level of English and yet not so good salary rate, which the founder of the project  - Cyrus has visited before. The startup proved to be a big success! Within the next 3 years the business in Ukraine was put on wheels and has been constanty producing tangible results: we have supplied Chinese educational establishments with over 200 candidates from all over Ukraine while gaining an invaluable experience, which, in its turn, inspired the management to expand the recruitment horizons. 

In September 2018 Cyrus Haghighi has opened up a new branch in the city of Banja Luka (Bosnia). Why Bosnia? This time moving into Balcans was due to positive changes in the Chinese visa legislation for the citizens of this country. Unfortunately, there were a few stumbling blocks on the way, such as the modest size of the country, as well as location of the Bosnian office in a small town away from the capital. Another challenge was a certain lack of open-mindedness among Bosnian candidates who often considered China as too alien. 

Despite the hard times and unexpected changes in the Chinese visa application procedure in the last 6 months, TEACH PANDA is looking into the future with a lot of hope, putting our best effort into the new strategic goals. That's why we are absolutely delighted to announce 2020 as the year of Russia!

What makes us good?

TEACH PANDA has been established in August 2016 as a third party employment provider in China. Our company is a result of clear understanding and a great passion for ESL teaching industry. We have put all the knowledge and experience, gained by dealing with various issues that had come up during our work. We constantly learn, improve and develop our skills for a better service level.

  1. Have a peaceful and smooth stay in China:
    Long term visas for all the participants (work visa as a priority)!
  2. Comfort of living guaranteed:
    We personally choose and evaluate the quality of accommodation provided to our teachers!
  3. You won’t be lonely:
    Since the first day of your arrival to China you’ll be surrounded by our managers and assistants to help you with any work-related or private issue!
  4. Stay up-to-date:
    Our unique private TEACH PANDA App will keep you updated with everything you need to know while in China.

Feedback from our ESL teachers

Got a chance - a crime to waste.

I’ve come to China as there were not so many chances to develop and simply make ends meet in my home country. Here, i’ve gotten lots of positivity, new knowledge and a great potential to grow as mentally as professionally. Thanks a lot to Maple Education for giving me such a life time opportunity.

I dreamed of changes and i’ve made it!

Ironically, my way to China happened to be by an absolute coincidence! However, yet, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Tones of fun every day with kids, being recognized as a “move star” anywhere you go and just being treated so well all the time. I am grateful to be here. Maple Education is a big pleasure to cooperate with.

Great experience, good value.

I guess there is a period in everyone’s life when one is eager for changes. So was i when considered to apply for this program. Everything turned out to be pretty well. I have been enjoying every day here, simply because it’s all so new and somehow matches me in a right way. Working with kids is a big pleasure as they are the purest creatures in the world.

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