Frequently asked questions:

How much does the program cost?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yes, this is true! Furthermore, we cover the following costs:

- plane ticket from Russia to China with further transfer to the final destination 

- all visa fees incurred during the contract period

- TEFL course

- basic insurance policy 

- rent for the accommodation in China

On top of that you can enjoy an amazing bonus at the end of the contract - free return ticket from China to Thailand / Malaysia. 

Chinese cuisine vs Western

According to the latest legislation changes, there are 3 types of long-term visas for Ukrainians. 

1) Work Visa («Z» type). This long-term visa enables you to legally stay and work in China for one year, as well as to travel anywhere within and beyond the country borders. It's worth mentioning that according to the international classification, Ukrainians are not considered to be the native speakers of the English language, thus, formally speaking, they can not apply for a work visa as English teachers in China. Nevertheless, they DO have the possibility to apply for a work visa in a different capacity, e.g. as a manager at a curriculum research department of a school.  

A lot of agencies and Internet resources are trying to convince you that as a citizen of Ukraine you stand no chance of getting work visa to China. This is not exactly so. Sometimes, work visa application doesn't go through (although the chances of this happening are not that high), but even in this case, we bear full responsibility for your visa situation and arrange alternative options so that you don't have to come back to Ukraine prematurely. Other than that, work visa can be applied for most candidates with BA degree in any major from Ukraine. Even though the application process is a bit time-consuming and requires a great deal of patience with the formal issues, our company guarantees its expert guidance and 100% assistance in preparation of all the documents needed, such as TEFL certificate, legalization of degree and non-criminal report, reference letter, health check form, etc. 

2). Business visa («М» type). It has several subtypes with different validity period. This visa enables you to legally stay and work in China as a private enterpreneur for a period of up to 1 year, as well as to travel in and out of the country. One of its peculiarities is the requirement to cross the country's border at least once in 30/60 days. Business visa has age limitations and depends on the previous visa history. That's why we use this visa as a back-up option in case work visa application is impossible or fails and only on condition that your place of employment is located not far from one of the Southern borders of China. Your transportation costs will come down to a return metro (or bus) ticket once a month.

3). Student Visa («X2» type). It gives you the right to legally stay in China for 6 months straight and to travel within but not outside of the country (this one-entry visa automatically expires once you cross the country's border). X2 visa is designed for those willing to learn Chinese at one of the Language Studies universities of China. Again, we apply for student visa only in case work visa application is impossible or fails. 

Usually our teachers who have never been to China before, start their journey on a tourist visa («L» type). It gives you the right to legally stay in China as a tourist for 30 days and is followed by another long-term visa application (usually work visa application) as soonas it expires. 

It's worth mentioning that in addition to «L», «М» and «X2» visa types, our teachers can sign a volunteer agreement with their school in China, which, in its turn, gives them the right to legally teach in China as volunteers and eliminates any issues of their working as English teachers. 

What do we offer?

We are Мы индивидуально подбираем Вам самый удобный и безопасный вариант долгосрочной визы в Китай, учитывая все факторы, которые могут повлиять на Вашу визовую ситуацию, а также последние изменения в визовом законодательстве. На данный момент приоритетом для нашей компании является оформление рабочей визы в Китай. Стоит отметить, что компания "Мэйпл Эдьюкейшн" специализируется на китайском визовом законодательстве исключительно для граждан Украины. Мы имеем двухлетний опыт работы в данном направлении, а также помогаем в оформлении всех необходимых документов, предоставляем подробные инструкции по процедурам и срокам получения нужного типа визы, и 100% покрываем затраты на все визовые услуги.  

Вот почему с нами удобно, надежно и спокойно! 

You should consider a big difference between western and eastern food and the ways to cook it. Be ready that there is almost no dairy products or if there still is - it’ll cost you a fortune. So it’s better to get ready for soy milk, tofu and beans. But don’t get frustrated too soon as there are lots of tasty, exotic and healthy dishes too. Wide range of fruits and fresh veggies that are available the whole year round! Prices would be much cheaper than European and the quality is no worse for sure. And of course, you’ll have a chance to try the most famous Chinese street food! Snakes and scorpios BBQ, spiders and bugs? There’s sure something you’ll like.

How do i Google, Youtube and Facebook in China?

We'd suggest to take some bed linen and towels as most of provided apartments won't have that. A laptop, USB flash and some first aid kit medicine would be proper too.

It's sadly true that since 2008 all the Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter platforms are blocked by Chinese officials. Luckily, there is a cure that called VPN. Using that tool you can use all the internet just as you used to. We'll sure help you to install one.

How can i learn Chinese?

There are plenty of chances to master Mandarin while you live in China! One of the most popular ways is “Language exchange partner” . Good news - it’s for free. It works on the mutual tutoring basis: you teach someone English and then they teach you Chinese in turn. This way is rather practical and also is a great chance to make new local friends. If you want to go more professional there are tones of language schools in town as well.

What to do with blocked internet services in China?

Since 2008, sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram do not work in China. Use the VPN application: it allows you to view any site without restrictions. We will help you to find and install these applications.

Can I learn Chinese by participating in this program?

Of course you can! One of the most popular learning options & mdash; & laquo; language exchange & raquo; (language exchange partner). This form of language learning is absolutely free and mutually beneficial. It works like this: you offer your Russian or English in exchange for Chinese. For example, the lesson is two hours: the first hour, you are the teacher, the second hour & mdash; you are a student. There are many local forums dedicated to this topic, whose contacts we will gladly provide. You can approach the question more professionally and find a real tutor specialist. The cost of classes one by one averages 50-100 yuan / hour in big cities, 30-60 in smaller cities. Classes can take place on any day convenient for you, in the morning or in the evening. It should be remembered that no matter what choice of study you choose, the Chinese will always be very enthusiastic and interested in teaching you their language!

How do a teach Chinese kids if i don't speak Chinese?

Easily! You don’t have to speak Mandarin as it’s forbidden anyway during your English lessons. Kids are supposed to be surrounded by English speaking atmosphere only. So you can feel free by using only English during your work time!

How soon do i start to work?

We normally would have quite a few schools already, before your arrival, particularly interested in you. In some cases you’ll need to show the real demo lesson. Most of time we are able to fix the deal even before you come to China. In that case we’ll provide you with actual school and apartment photos so that you can see where exactly you’ll work and live.

Will i have a vacation?

All the teachers would enjoy paid official Chinese holidays in accordance with the annual government schedule.

Where will i live?

If you go with our regular Housing Package option you don’t need to worry about any rental issues! In case of Beijing placement you’ll be provided with a single room in shared apartments. All rooms are fully-equipped and have a locker. There are usually 3-4 rooms in the apartment with shared kitchen and living room. In case of placement in other cities it’s more likely that you’ll be given a single apartment just for yourself (non-shared).

What is the demo lesson?

It’s a short performance (10-15 mins) that you need to do with kids as a sample of your teaching skills. There are usually 8-15 kids in one class. Certainly, we’ll prepare you well for this test.

How do i rent apartments in China?

If you decided to go with our Standard Package then you need to pay attention to some specific details of renting in China. There are just a few English websites that could help you with this. However, the prices there would be significantly more expensive than the actual renting cost. Most of advertisements are posted on various local Chinese web platforms and are, of course, all in Chinese. Normally, the locals would never rent anything to a foreigner directly, while they would use a middleman rental agency. Such agencies would charge you 1 month rent. Besides, you need to know that any rent in China starts from 3 months at least. Which means the first payment you’ll need to make is: 3 months (renting fee) + 1 month (deposit) + 1 month (rental agency fee). 5 months in total. The monthly rent may vary from 4000 to 5000RMB (~750$) in big cities and 2000-3000RMB (~350$) in smaller ones. The price range depends a lot on a particular city area.

Leisure cost
  • Metro: 3-7 yuan (depending on the route)
  • Busses: 1-2 yuan
  • Taxi: 13 yuan for entrance, 2.3 yuan/1km. Regular city ride would cost you around 20-30 yuan.
  • Lunch in a cafe/restaurant: 25-70 yuan
  • Grocery store: 90-300 yuan. The prices differ a lot between local Chinese stores and the foreign
  • ones (e.g. Auchan, BHG, Carrefour, Spar, Walmart etc.)
  • Cinema: 30-120 yuan
  • Intercity train: 50-500 yuan
  • Tours & Excursions: 80-300 yuan per day.

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